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This year the Olympics has had a lot of controversy around the matter of whether pro boxers should or shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Amateur Boxing International Association (AIBA) president Dr Ching-Kuo Wu has released a statement saying that he wants to abolish the rule stating that boxers with 15 or more paid fights can’t compete in the amateur boxing competitions like the Olympics.

Wu said “We want something to change… not after four years, but now.”

If this was to happen there would be major changes made to the whole setup in the Olympics meaning the qualifying which has already started would have to be changed all over again and new qualifying would have to be done.

Balerno police officer PC DEE, who used to compete as an amateur boxer when he was younger, said: “I think that it would be an unfair advantage for the professional boxers because they train for the longer fights that last more than the 3 rounds that the amateurs would be used to.”

He also said that amateurs would struggle with the funding needed to keep them training at the level they would need to if they were competing in professional fights.