Lilly Wachowiski, who used to be known as Andy, made a statement to the Windy City Times announcing that she has under gone transgender surgery. She was rushed into announcing the news after she felt threatened by the Daily Mail as she thought they were going to ‘out’ her, although the daily mail denied pressuring her into doing this.

This came after more famous people like Miley Cyrus came out as gender fluid and Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender.

Transgender people are people who aren’t happy with their gender and surgically get changed to the opposite sex. Although this procedure is expensive –  it can come to about £35,000 including counselling and support. We asked our class if they think that transgender surgery should be free and 50% said yes, 31% said no and 19% were undecided.

Hugh, who attends the local LGBT group says: ‘The surgery should definitely be free because it is something that transgender people really desire and it’s more important than people who want plastic surgery because they can cover their imperfections but transgender people can’t be who they want to be.’

Mia added: ‘Nobody should have to pay to become their true selves.’

To oppose the view, another pupil in our class said: ‘It’ll cost the hospital loads of money and if you want it that much you would pay.’