US Presidential Elections 2k16

As it is widely known, 2016 is the year of the US presidential elections. There are many opinions about who will win these elections, many of which involve Donald Trump. Trump is the most popular of these candidates being portrayed by the media as a narcissistic racist with a very bad haircut and fake tan. But we didn’t want the opinion of the media, so we decided to get the opinions of some people who would qualify for voting in these elections. We interviewed two Americans, a Republican and a Democrat, and two outsiders to get opinions.

These interviews had many things in common, most thought that Clinton was a very strong contender to win for the democratic party due to her influence with the people, her past experience in the white house, people being put off by Trumps extreme positions and that she will then appear to be a more moderate and “centrist” option. Those interviewed were also fascinated by the fact that such an influential country like the US was going to have a female leader like Clinton, which may inspire other countries to do the same. This is what they thought based on who they thought was going to win, but the interviewees had a variety of opinions on other candidates such as Bernie Sanders, and the “world’s favourite” Donald Trump.

Sanders seemed to be a strong contender with good ideas for some of the people, but didn’t seem likely to be able to win the elections because of his strong leftist ideologies. There were also doubts about whether he was physically capable of being able to run for office, and whether he had the experience to be able to run the country.
Democrat voter Reena Sastri said: “I personally like his ideas. Do I think he is fit to be President of the United States? I would probably have to do more research as to his experience”.

Donald Trump obviously managed to make his way into the interviews. Many opposed his ideas. Even as a Republican, Bob Ferguson claimed that he was “not a huge Trump supporter and that if I had a choice, he would have been my last option as a Presidential candidate”.