13 April 2016

Dear Parent / Guardian

IMPORTANT – Changes to School Transport Application Process 2016

I write to inform you that there will be changes to the application process for school transport for next session.

Last year, pupils were advised that applications were only required in transition years (P1, S1, S5, S6) and all other pupils were to keep current passes and use them for the following session. This year there will not be a roll-over process and therefore ALL pupils requiring transport should submit an application; this will include pupils that travel in taxis and minibuses as well as school buses.

It is important that pupils/parents are aware of this requirement and submit an application so that they receive new passes and transport information which will differ from previous years. Bus companies will be made aware of the new pass layout so pupils should be aware that previous cards will not be accepted.

In order to improve the application process we have created a new online feature which allows pupils and parents to complete and submit transport applications from the council website making it much easier and quicker to apply for transport. The form can be found at the following web address: http://www.westlothian.gov.uk/article/10045/Free-School-Transport-Application-Form and will be submitted to School Transport direct.

The deadline for application forms to be submitted will be Friday 6th May. This date is earlier than previous years however, in order to ensure service delivery, the deadline must be brought forward. This will mean that, for pupils moving into secondary, P7 visits cannot be used to circulate transport application information as parents will require the necessary information ASAP. Can I please ask that a group call is sent to parents informing them of the new application requirements and emphasising the importance of ensuring applications are submitted prior to the deadline. I have included a proposed group call text at the bottom of this letter.

Should you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact this office on 01506 282322.

Kind regards

Nicola Gill

West Lothian Transport