As has been the case for the previous years in relation to the new National qualifications the school will be following the City of Edinburgh position on arrangements for the forthcoming SQA Examination Diet. This places a maximum of 20 days which can be entered into the system as designated study leave days. The advice is as follows:

Study Leave during the National exam timetable

  • In 2016 the SQA national exam timetable commences with the first examination on Wednesday May 4th and concludes with the final examination on Friday June 3rd.
  • For pupils who are being presented for national examinations at National 1-4 level no formal study leave will be granted.
  • For pupils who are being presented for one, two or three National 5 qualifications, exam leave may be granted at the discretion of the secondary head teacher, the pupil should be granted 2 days for each examination.

Those S4 students undertaking 3 or more National 5 courses and all current S5/6 students are subject to the following arrangements, which will differ from school to school, based on the number of exams being sat and the organisation of Prelims. This is due to a limit being imposed on the total number of days which can be coded as “approved study leave” in any one academic session. Once Monday holidays and Inset days are factored in this allows for the following organisation:

First day of home study leave                                 Tuesday May 3rd

Last day of home study leave (20 day limit)      Wednesday June 1st

Start of new timetable for new S2/3/4                 Monday May 9th

As in previous years, students have the option of liaising with teaching staff during study leave if required but should organise this around their subject timetable as the rest of the school will still be functioning as normal and there will be limited availability of private study areas in school.

The smaller number of students who have examinations at the very end of the exam diet, after the end of the 20 day limit, have, if required, an allocation of two study days for each exam. Students may be able to attend school for the start of the new timetable and then arrange the necessary study days around their remaining exam(s) and should check with Pupil Support or Year Head in this regard.