Balerno Community Meeting

The next stage of our community consultation is now underway. As you may know, Harlaw Hydro will be investing profits into a community development fund. Balerno Village Trust wants your help creating a plan for how we should invest in our village. But we don’t want to stop at the Hydro profit – we want to bring more money into the community to make Balerno a better place to live, work, and visit.

An Open Meeting will be held on Wednesday 31st August – please come along to share your views. We will hold an optional drop-in session 5 – 6pm and a full open meeting 7.30 – 9pm. The event will take place at St Joseph’s Hall, Balerno Parish Church.

If you can’t make the meeting, we’ll be at the Farmers’ Market on the 10th September – drop by to share your views.

The Community Council are also keen to hear the priorities for Balerno and are running a separate consultation in parallel. The two groups are collaborating to gain a comprehensive picture of the needs of the village.

Community Enterprise is working with both BVT and the Community Council to build on responses from previous surveys to generate discussion, ideas and new projects for our village.

For more details, check out the page on our website here: or our facebook page: