The Deputy First Minister, John Swinney MSP, has launched a Governance Review of early years and schools education.

You can have your say… (the Parent Council hope to make a submission to)

The Scottish Government believe that decisions about children’s learning and school life should be taken in schools. They want to empower teachers, practitioners, parents, children and young people and communities to have a stronger voice in Scottish education and to become key decision makers.

They are seeking your views on how education is run: who should take decisions in relation to the education of children and young people and how the funding of education can be made fairer. They know that teachers and practitioners need support to do their jobs and that they need opportunities for high quality professional development. The governance review also seeks your views on how this can be improved.

They want to hear views from every part of Scotland – from children and young people, from parents, teachers, practitioners and the wider community. They want to hear from those with a formal role in our education system and those who share a stake in its success.

To find out more and have your say in the survey follow the link below