Lost Property: Please check lost property, located in the Print Room.  There are still a few jackets and blazers that will be given to charity if they are not collected by Friday 13 January 2017.

Scripture Union: There will be no Scripture Union on Thursday 12th January 2017. 

Internet Technology full-time course at Edinburgh College (starting end of Jan): Anyone interested in the above course should see Mr Ferguson in the Guidance Base ASAP. The deadline is the 13th of January so you must be promp in going to Guidance. This course is an introduction to online technologies covering the basics of the internet, online communications, developing skills in handling information using social software for interaction and collaboration as well as studying intermediate level digital media skills such as Video software development and Animation. The subject studied are: Social software; Video software development; Animation; Internet communications. The course starts on the 23rd January 2017. If you require more information about the course, see Mr Ferguson.