Duke of Edinburgh: If you do Duke of Edinburgh (D of E),and you have a question or a query.To complete the award, and get your reward. It’s Mr Hamilton & Mann you should see.   F47 on Wednesday lunch. Bring some sangers and you can munch. Have some fun,Let’s get this done.   Don’t leave it ’til the last minute crunch! First meeting Wednesday 22nd February.

Bavelaw Twitter Account:   All Bavelaw pupils should follow Balerno Bavelaw @bavelawbhs as Mr Ferguson will be posting opportunities, career events, apprenticeships, achievements, information, etc.

Balentine’s Cards:   As of today, the Bavelaw House Team will be selling Valentine’s Day cards. The cards cost 50p and you can send a message in the card. The card also comes with a chocolate gift. All proceeds are going to Jak’s Den. You can purchase these at reception during break and lunchtime.

Balentine’s Day

In honour of Valentine’s Day, the Bavelaw House Team are putting on a Balentine’s Day event this Friday.

The event will take place periods 2-4 in the Games Hall:

  • S3 pupils will come down during period 2,
  • S1 pupils will come down during period 3,
  • Seniors can attend during break, and
  • S2 pupils will come down during period 4).

The event itself will have stalls including:

Bake Sale

  • Guess the teachers’ baby photo
  • Guitar Hero/  Xbox station
  • Waffle court
  • Find the treasure
  • Tombola
  • Table tennis tournament
  • Pyramid challenge
  • BHS Quiz
  • Beat the goalie
  • Jenga
  • Chess tournament,
  • and many more.

The event will be entry by donation so, whever you can afford will gain you entry.

Please bring as much money as you can to take part in the different events. Some will ask for donations, some will have a fixed price.


With such a large scale event, my House Team and I are asking pupils to donate prizes for the tombola or bring in cakes/baked goods to sell on the day. Any pupil who brings in something will receive a Merit.

All proceeds going to Jak’s Den.

Sports Personality of the Month: Congratulations to January’s Sports Personality of the Months Jamie Alexander, who was 3rd in the Scottish men’s gymnastics competition and 40th overall in Great Britain.

S1 Photography:   All S1s who are interested in photography and who would like to take part in our photography group – your next task is to take an ACTION SHOT. It can be of anything or anyone!

Bring your photo along to Miss Simpson’s room on Tuesday 21st at 1:20pm. New students are more than welcome!

Bavelaw House Team: We are looking for gift donations for a tombola on balentines day. Please ask all friends and family. Any donations should be given to Mr Ferguson by Thursday 9th February.

Balerno goes to the cinema: Balerno Village Screen is hosting a free screening of 80’s classic ‘The Breakfast Club’ for S4/5/6. Tickets are free (though we’d like to take donations for Jak’s Den at the door) but limited. A group of pupils will be coming around PSP classes over the next few weeks if you’d like to get one. The film is on Friday 24th February, St Joseph’s Hall, 7.30-9.30pm.

Lost Property: There are still a few jackets and blazers in Lost Property.  Please pop along to the print room at break or lunch if you think they may be yours.