Man City Trip: Unfortunately due to TV scheduling and FA cup fixtures the football trip to Manchester has had to be cancelled, refunds will issued. Please see Mr Jack if any questions.

Duke of Edinburgh: If you do Duke of Edinburgh (D of E),and you have a question or a query.To complete the award, and get your reward. It’s Mr Hamilton & Mann you should see.   F47 on Wednesday lunch. Bring some sangers and you can munch. Have some fun,Let’s get this done.   Don’t leave it ’til the last minute crunch! First meeting Wednesday 22nd February.

S1 Photography:   All S1s who are interested in photography and who would like to take part in our photography group – your next task is to take an ACTION SHOT. It can be of anything or anyone!

Bring your photo along to Miss Simpson’s room on Tuesday 21st at 1:20pm. New students are more than welcome!

Balerno goes to the cinema: Balerno Village Screen is hosting a free screening of 80’s classic ‘The Breakfast Club’ for S4/5/6. Tickets are free (though we’d like to take donations for Jak’s Den at the door) but limited. A group of pupils will be coming around PSP classes over the next few weeks if you’d like to get one. The film is on Friday 24th February, St Joseph’s Hall, 7.30-9.30pm.