Warm waters bleaching coral in the Great Barrier Reef 

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is under a great threat of climate change.

Coral bleaching is caused by rising water temperatures resulting from two natural warm currents.

It is exacerbated by man-made climate change, as the oceans are absorbing about 93% of the increase in the Earth’s heat.

Bleaching happens when corals under stress drive out the algae known as zooxanthellae that give them colour.

If normal conditions return, the corals can recover, but it can take decades, and if the stress continues the corals can die.

The bleaching – or loss of algae – in 2016 was the worst on record

“Climate change is the single greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef,” said co-author Prof Morgan Pratchett, from Queensland’s James Cook University.

We interviewed people following up questions regarding the coral in the Great Barrier Reef and how to save it. We interviewed people in temperatures and greenhouse gases”

“Get all countries to be proactive” and “be more careful about environment”

When we showed the people this picture;

They described this picture as “horrible” “shocking” and “disappointing”.