20170601-GLA CS program slides for students

(1)Introduction to GLA SDB program leaflet

There is a very new apprenticeship/degree in Software Development at Heriot-Watt and I thought that it would be of interest to some students.
It’s quite unusual…

Students are paid a salary (about living wage?)
No tuition fees
No student debt
Students end up with an honours degree.

This is all quite a rare combination, obviously.

Heriot-Watt has very recently got approval to start it in September 2017 so it hasn’t previously been advertised. But if you could advertise it to students who are leaving school now or next year, then they might well be interested. Unfortunately, the number of places is currently restricted to about 25 students per year.

Attached are two documents explaining further details.

Interested students should begin by emailing gla@hw.ac.uk to express an interest. There is no need to contact prospective employers.