Changes to Cashless Catering

Dear Parent/Carer

Implementation of PIN numbers to pay for school meals – June 2017

We are changing the way pupils pay for school meals by replacing their Young Scot card with a personalised PIN number, unique to them. We are doing this to help reduce the queues at break and lunch time and make it easier to pay for food and drink within the school – benefiting them by making it simpler and quicker to make a purchase.

In addition, the upgrade will also allow pupils to top up using new £1 coins and notes at the revaluation points.

As from Monday 19 June 2017, pupils will no longer need to present their Young Scot card to pay for food or drink within the school or top-up their account. Instead they will enter a unique PIN number at the till-point which will be connected to their lunch money account.

Their new six-digit PIN number will be issued to them during classes before break on Monday 19th June 2017.

It is extremely important that your child keeps this number safe and does not share it with anyone. It is their responsibility to keep their own PIN safe as it links to their school lunch money account – if they share or misuse their new PIN number, any money on their account cannot be replaced.

This system will continue to allow pupils to bring cash into school to credit their lunch money account but we intend to phase out the use of cash for the purchase of school lunches from August (once the new Parent Pay system is introduced).

Yours faithfully

Neil McCallum, Headteacher