S1 Classes- Period 6 on Wednesday please report straight to the drama studio and sit in your tutor groups where you will be met by your class teacher. This is to watch a road safety play. Thanks.

The ‘Phoenix’ Table Tennis Club (S1 – 6 Monday Lunch)
If you pong when you should ping.
The table tennis club might be your thing.
Every Monday in the games hall, during lunch.
Make sure before this you have munched.
Bring indoor trainers so you can play.
Because without them you’ll be sent away.
1st meeting’s on Monday 30th October,
If you’re interested, see you there.
Any S6’s willing to help run this revived club please come and see Mr Hamilton in F47. It could add to your CV.

Senior Rugby
Any senior pupils interested in doing their UKCC Level 1 Rugby Coaching Award should give their names to Mr May.

P.E Mouthguards -We will have a dentist visit the school on Wednesday 25th October to take impressions to make customised mouthguards for hockey and rugby (and any other sport you’d like to use them for). The cost for this is £25.
If you would like to sign up to get a mouthguard please give your name to the PE department.

Netball Club – There is a cup game on Tuesday 10th October so training won’t be on. Back to normal on Tuesday 24th.

S6 Pupils:
Interviews will begin this week on Wed 11th Oct and Friday 13th Oct. There will be an additional day after the break. Please see twitter BHS@Cockburn, bulletin and also notices in senior area and on meeting room doors for appointment times and see me immediately if there is anything preventing you from attending. We are very limited as to what we can do to reschedule. Thanks.

Safer Driving Seminar
Thursday 12th June. S6 pupils are all attending the Streets Ahead Safer Driving Seminar at the Corn Exchange. If for any reason they are unable to attend they should alert their Pupil Support Leader immediately. Please bring a packed lunch as requested in the letter home and meet your PSL in the following venues at 12.30:
Malleny: F9
Bavelaw: Senior Area outside LRC
Cockburn: Concourse

All early applications should have been sent to Pupil Support Leaders by 2nd Oct and will be sent off by Friday 13th Oct. You have been fantastic at sticking to this tight deadline so far. All other applicants need to show a first draft of their personal statement to their Pupil Support Leader, before the Oct break. Please come and speak to us if there are any issues at all.