S6 Personal Statements (Bavelaw) – All Bavelaw UCAS personal statements are available for collection in the wallet on the door of the Guidance Base.

Six Nations- Can those pupils who have requested rugby tickets for the Scotland internationals please come and pick up your allocation as soon as possible.

Hearts Football Employment Opportunities – The club will be holding a recruitment evening on Wednesday 1st November 2017. A variety of part-time matchday roles are available, so feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested: http://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/6267

Balloween is back! – Today we will be coming around each period 1 class to collect £1 donations for the school charity, Teenage Cancer Trust,. We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!

Monday PSP- There will be assemblies for the following year groups during PSP on Monday-
S4- 10.15
S1- 10.35
S5- 10.50
S6- 11.00

S1 Assembly – There will be an assembly during PSP on Monday. Information when pupils can go to the village during lunchtime, will be shared then. This week S1 pupils should remain in school during lunchtime.

Under 14 Rugby Festival
The next event in the Edinburgh Schools Under 14 series of festivals is on Friday 27th October at Malleny! Could all players keen on playing please give their names to Mr May?

Hockey Club: There is a hockey meeting for all boys and girls on Friday break in the Games Hall. New members are very welcome.

The ‘Phoenix’ Table Tennis Club (S1 – 6 Monday Lunch)
If you pong when you should ping.
The table tennis club might be your thing.
Every Monday in the games hall, during lunch.
Make sure before this you have munched.
Bring indoor trainers so you can play.
Because without them you’ll be sent away.
1st meeting’s on Monday 30th October,
If you’re interested, see you there.
Any S6’s willing to help run this revived club please come and see Mr Hamilton in F47. It could add to your CV.