Mental health issues have sent young people to A&E with psychiatric conditions such as depression anxiety and stress, the numbers have severely risen since 2009. These numbers have increased due to influence on social media, causing eating disorder numbers in teenagers to almost double throughout the years. A report says that 93% of teachers have noticed the changes in schools, claiming they’ve seen a drastic increase in mental illness amongst students. 62% of teachers deal with pupils issues on a monthly basis and 20% of teachers deal with it on a weekly basis.  

Around exam time pupils find themselves getting more stressed than any other school time. 

70% of 16 year olds report feelings of sadness, anxiety and being overwhelmed as they prepare for their exams. This stress stems from a number of things, for example: Feeling pressured to get a good mark, high expectations from parents or guardians, rejection and failure. 

Some ways that students relieve stress are:  

  • Sports 
  • Drawing or painting 
  • Playing instruments  
  • Spending time with friends 
  • Going outdoors  
  • Visualising success  
  • Talking to an adult about their problems 
  • Practicing breathing exercises to lower their heart rate  
  • Practice self-care  

Overall studies have shown that rates in anxiety and depression in young adults has dramatically grown by 70% due to influences in social media, pressure from school and parents, and bullying. If you are familiar with these problems or know someone who is going through issues such as these, report it to a trusted adult or friend for their or your own safety.