Eco Project – Today’s class for litter picking is 3E1 with Mr N Irvine

London Trip – Any S3/S4 pupil who would be interested in a trip to London in October 2018, please come and see Mr Jack in F44 during break today to get a letter. Places are limited so please come and collect a letter.

Art Department Garden – We have been tidying the garden outside Mr Wicksted’s classroom for the past week and you are welcome to enjoy the space and have your lunch but please use it responsibly and pick up your rubbish. We have planted new plants, cut back the palm grass, painted the chairs and the bench (the bench isn’t stable on the right hand side so please don’t sit on it), cleaned the slabs and the outside of the windows, moved the stones evenly around the garden, pruned the tree, made a stand for the tree at a 90 degree angle. So after our hard work and effort please treat the space with respect. If there is any problems please find Lucy Corbett and Fraser Dickson.

Carnegie Reading Group – Please come along to Room F33 this Thursday, at the start of lunch, for this week’s meeting. Feel free to bring your lunch. There will be an opportunity to swap/collect books too!

Hockey Leaders Coaching Course – Firrhill High School Friday 15th June 1-5pm
For young leaders, parents and teachers, a short course to improve your knowledge of the game, manage groups, and introduce basic rules through small sided games. The Leaders Course is a 4-hour practical course that will give you the confidence to help and keep games safe.
The cost is only £33 to attend and anyone over 14 years old can take part.
Please use this link to book;
For more information please speak to Lindsay Campbell (Active Schools Coordinator) on Mondays or Thursday mornings.

SQA Exams – SQA exams run from 30th April until 1st June.
Most exams are held in the Games Hall with some pupils sitting exams on the first floor, in particular F29 and the meeting rooms.
Afternoon exams usually start at 1.00pm so the Community area outside PE will be out of bounds over lunchtime.
Please be respectful and move quietly around the school, especially around the areas mentioned.
Thank you