Eco Project – Today’s class for litter picking is 2.8 Science

We are running a little competition on Twitter/ bulletin to follow the World Cup. It is open to pupils and teachers. There is a small display in the concourse too with results posted daily. There will be a wee prize for both teacher and pupil winners. Ten questions in total until the summer break. Can you get all 10 correct? Answers to any modern language teacher by email, note or otherwise. Names out of a hat if all 10 questions answered correctly.
First question:
Can you give the nickname of the French and Spanish football teams?’

Could Mr. Ward’s/Mrs. Stride’s, Ms. Deely’s and Mrs. Ponder’s S5/6 maths classes make their way to the Games Hall at the beginning of break on Wednesday to help with the P7 Maths Competition. You will be registered there and you will be compensated for missing your break. Thank you.

Earlston MUN – All those competing in Earlston MUN must attend a meeting on Tuesday at break in F10.

Career Ready – Could all S6 Career Ready students attend a meeting on Tuesday lunchtime at 1.30pm in F8. You need to collect your Internship toolkit booklet.
Thank you.

LAST FEW TICKETS for the School Show “ANNIE” are on sale every break time in the Drama Studio. The show dates are Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st June at 7pm..Tickets cost £5 each. Hurry as nearly sold out!

Water Sports Trip – There will be a last meeting at 1.20pm in the Games Hall on Wednesday 20th June to confirm final arrangements. Full attendance is essential.

Careers/ Opportunities & UCAS/ College Board – There is a new notice board located directly across from the Guidance Base where information and opportunities will be advertised. This board will feature:
• Information about open days
• Volunteering opportunities
• Current apprenticeship vacancies
• Job adverts
• College events
For further information regarding any of the opportunities, please see Mr Ferguson.

Edinburgh College Pupils – If you attend Edinburgh College on a Tuesday/ Thursday afternoon, please be advised that the last session will be on Tuesday 19th June, and will resume on Tuesday 28th August.
Outwith college dates, you will be expected to be studying in school in the afternoons.
Any questions, see Mr Ferguson in the Guidance Base.

S1 &S2 Pupils – The Gadget Club – Come along every Tuesday to G12 to take part in a variety of different Maths related activities. Build mini cars, make robots, design rockets or whatever you can imagine! We will look at how Maths is a vital part of all these activities and have regular competitions with PRIZES!!!