Parents of Pupils Going Through The UCAS Process Only

Dear Parent/Carer

This is your update on where we are and how things are going so far, with the UCAS process. You will be pleased to know we are half way through!  By this point, your child should have completed the following tasks:

  • Registered on the UCAS website
  • Made an application for subject references to be done,
  • Filled out a green Additional Information form and returned it to their PSL
  • Submitted the first draft of their Personal Statement to their PSL and commenced redrafting based on feedback given

As of today, they should also have entered in all of their personal info up until, but not including, the Personal Statement Section. If they are unable to do this due to being unsure about the courses they wish to study at this point, they need to communicate this with their PSL as soon as possible.

The next deadline is the 29th November, when your child should have finalised their Personal Statement, loaded it onto the system, paid and sent their application to their referee (their Pupil Support Leader.) I will keep you posted.

Where there are any concerns, your child’s Personal Support Leader will be in touch in the first instance.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need any more information.

Yours faithfully

Jacqueline Thomspon

Pupils Support Leader