Eco Project – Todays class for litter picking is 3E1 with L McMichael

New Senior Pupil Team – I am delighted to announce that our senior pupil team for next year will be:

Head Pupils: Saul Rennie and Charlotte Murdoch

Deputes:  Andrew Ingles, Emma Thomas and Alasadeg Bilal.

As you can imagine, they are absolutely delighted and keen to get started as soon as the exams are over.  Please do congratulate them on their success.

Biology Holiday Study Support – will be available every day for all levels from 09.00 till 13.00 in lab G34.

Reports – If you were off yesterday and have not received your report, please come to the School Office to collect.

Lost property – There are many items in lost property in the Print Room.  Please come along by Friday to check if you think anything may be yours.  Any items left after this date will be recycled!

S3 Tutors Only Please Read Out and Discuss with Pupils.

Skills Awareness Week – During the first week back you will be taking part in Skills Awareness Week in every subject area. As discussed in PSE, this is to help you make a record of the skills you have been learning for life, work and learning You also need to be able to describe what you were doing when you were developing that skills and how this will help you in the future.  You need to be able to write at least two skills per subject area.  Your teacher will tell you when you can use your phone to record your skills.

You need to bring this record with you to PSE for the next three weeks. You will be using this record to create a profile of your skills, personal qualities and achievements across all learning experiences, including wider achievement.

Your profile will take the form of a CV which you will produce during PSE. This CV will help you secure your future work experience placement. You have to find a placement by the end of June. We will learn more about this in PSE next term.

S4 / S5 Girls – Geoscience Event – Glasgow University are offering a 1 day event to introduce girls to Geosciences. There will be workshops delivered by female professors on Volcanic Hazards, Engineering Geology and using earthquakes to discover our planet. The event will take place on Thursday 1st August. Please come and collect an application form from Mrs. Harvey-Jamieson in F50 if you are interested.

New Breakfast Club – On Tuesday 23rd April, a new Breakfast Club will be operating between 8 – 8.30am each morning in the Riverside Café for pupils who have not had a chance to eat breakfast before leaving for school.  On offer will be fruit, cereal bars and fruit juice.  All pupils welcome.

Challenge Week – If you really, really need to swap your allocated challenge week activity then please come and see Mr Hamilton during break time any day this week.

You will be asked to fill in a change request sheet and I will do what I can to accommodate your request.

Do not ask any trip leaders or other staff if you can swap because they will not know if this is possible. Thank you

Practical Philosophy club (S3-S6) with Mr Hay.

Do you want a quick way to alleviate exam stress?

Do you want to a strategy to cope with friendship issues?

Do you want to do better each day?

Do you want to learn more about practical philosophy?

Do you want answers to some bigger questions:

What is the goal of life? What’s the point in having a goal of life?

If you say YES to any of the above then come along to G44 on a Tuesday lunchtime or ask Mr Hay to find out more. Act wisely and find out! Come along and learn how to live a good life.

French Supported Study  – Need help revising for your National 5 French Speaking Performance, Email Preparation or just general revision. Pop along to G07 any Tuesday from Tuesday 5th March until the end of term from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. If these dates don’t suit, Monday lunchtime homework club is on every week.

Physics Supported Study – Tuesday lunchtime’s (1.15pm) in G29.

Sweet Treat Friday’s – Tanzania fundraising group will be selling sweet treats in the concourse for £1.00 on the last Friday of every month.