Eco Project – Todays class for litter picking is 3B4 with G Pateron

S3 Tutors Only Please Read Out and  Discuss with Pupils.

Skills Awareness Week – Skills Awareness Week in every subject area starts today!  Remember to make a record of the skills you have been learning for life, work and learning. Your teachers will help you with this. Your teacher will tell you when you can use your phone to record your skills.

You need to bring this record with you to PSE for the next three weeks. You will be using this record to create a profile of your skills, personal qualities and achievements across all learning experiences, including wider achievement.

Your profile will take the form of a CV which you will produce during PSE. This CV will help you secure your future work experience placement. You have to find a placement by the end of June. We will learn more about this in PSE next term.

S4 / S5 Girls – Geoscience Event – Glasgow University are offering a 1 day event to introduce girls to Geosciences. There will be workshops delivered by female professors on Volcanic Hazards, Engineering Geology and using earthquakes to discover our planet. The event will take place on Thursday 1st August. Please come and collect an application form from Mrs. Harvey-Jamieson in F50 if you are interested.

PE Classes – All PE classes should meet in the Concourse to be registered before going with their teacher to the changing rooms due to the SQA exams in the Games Hall.