Bulletin – 16th June

Focus of the week: Inclusion – Be kind to the P7 pupils joining us this week for their 3 day visit.

Eco Project: Todays class for litter picking is 2B2 RMPS with J Christensen.

S2 STEAM:Please vote for your favourite computer games design by using the form attached to the sway.  This sway can be found on the S2 Assemblies team.  All voting criteria is on this team and you are voting for your favourite.  Please vote by Friday 17th June.  The winning team will win a trip to see Van Gogh Alive before the summer holidays.


HPV Vaccinations – 20th & 21st June: The NHS Vaccination Team will be in school on Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st June to administer the HPV vaccination to S1, S2 & S3 girls and boys. Please ensure you wear a school shirt that has short sleeves or sleeves that can be rolled up easily, if not a vest top or T shirt should be worn under your school shirt to ensure the vaccination can be easily administered. You will receive an appointment slip giving you the time of your vaccination.          

S5 – Career Ready: I am the Career Ready co-ordinator at Balerno High and I would like to offer the following students (and any others who think they may be interested) the opportunity of joining this programme.  You are allocated a mentor who helps you to learn about and be ready to enter the workplace (Even if you’re unsure of what to do).  It’s a 2-year programme that includes one month of full-time paid employment.  I support you throughout the whole process. There will be a meeting in my room (F08) on Wednesday 15th at 1.20pm. Could the following students please attend and anyone else who would like to find out more about Career Ready?

Blair MacDonald

Nathan Reid

Joanna Bowman

Katie Drewell

Kashanna Ross

Ewen Griesel

Sam North

Kyle Logan

Steven Ciulla

Alex Curran

Mohammed Kuri

James Murray

Emma Scott

Brass Group: For all pupils playing in our brass group with Ms Caldwell, rehearsals are on Thursday lunchtimes in F10. Please make sure you are ready to play at 1:30pm! It is vital that you are at the next two rehearsals in preparation for our summer Music concert on Tuesday 28th June.

LGBT Charter: Balerno High school is working towards it’s Silver LGBT charter award from LGBT Youth Scotland. We are looking for a group of pupil Charter Champions to help us make the school a safer, more inclusive space for LGBT+ pupils. You do not need to be part of the GSA to get involved- this opportunity is open to all pupils who are passionate about the rights of LGBT+ People and who want to make a difference. For more information and to get involved please sign up via the form in your assembly Team or speak to Ms Atchison or Ms Loy.

Duke of Edinburgh – Current S5s: Can the following pupils please attend a meeting in F45 this Thursday (16/6). Meeting starts at 1.10pm so bring your lunch with you.

Freddy Elliot 5M1   Peter Gillies 5C2  Katie Hunter 5C2   Maddie Jackson 5B1   Josh Myers 5M2  Olivia Ramsey 5B1   James Sherwood 5M1  Hannah Wood 5C2     Ella Buchan 5M2  Beth Cargill 5B1  Ella Flockhart 5C1  Luke Foster 5M1  Jamie Gribben 5C1  Leela Kallat 5M1  Maddie Flemming 5B1  Eilidh McCulloch 5M2  Finlay Menzies 5M1  Merrie Macbeth 4B1  Lena Ranson 5B1   Natalie Reynard 5B1  Daisy Robinson 5M1   

Duke of Edinburgh 2022-23: Just a reminder of the following key dates. Any questions, please let me know. 

Complete the Forms (assignment is on Teams) on the Skills, Physical and Volunteering sections by Thursday 23/6 before our first in-school training session on the afternoon of Friday 24/6

  • If you are not sure about an activity, need help with finding an activity, have questions about how long you need to do each activity for, need help filling in the Form, please come and see me in F45 at the optional drop-in sessions on Tuesday the 31st, 7th, 14th and 21st at break time.