Support Available for Young People & Families

What addiction is:
Addiction is the use of a substance (or pursuit of a behaviour) despite a wish to stop, and in the face of mounting negative consequences.’ (Svanberg, 2018)
Modern day addictions include gambling, gaming, mobile phones, tanning, shopping, plastic surgery, self harm and negative relationships.

What you can do to help manage anxiety:
If you are worried about how much time you are engaging with something to the detriment of other things you might find the websites below useful.

Parent/Carer Support:
As ever, if you would like to share any information with us or have a chat, please do not hesitate to contact your young person’s Pupil Support Leader. We are very keen to help in any way we can. Please note, we are not a medical service and cannot diagnose ore provide emergency support. We can help you to access appropriate support.

Some useful websites: