Support for Pupils and Families

What anxiety is:
Anxiety is a normal, physical and emotional response to something that in some way seems threatening to us. It’s the body’s way of protecting us by preparing us to fight, flight or freeze. However, these responses are often disproportionate and can stop us from doing what we need to do in our daily life.

What you can do to help manage anxiety:
• Try to relax body and mind by doing something enjoyable.
• Boost mood with exercise and get rid of the stress chemicals created as an anxiety response.
• Deep breathing is our body’s way of resetting our system to dull down anxiety symptoms. See link below.
• Giving into anxiety by avoiding what makes us feel anxious makes anxiety grow. Using a ladder approach can help to slowly build up tolerance of anxiety symptoms. Break a goal down into smaller steps. Evidence shows that anxiety decreases with exposure to situations that makes us feel anxious. Repeat each step until anxiety feels manageable before moving onto the next.
• Listen carefully to anxious thoughts and gently challenge to replace with coping thoughts.
Example: Change ‘I can’t do that’ into ‘This will be difficult but with support I can do this.’

Useful Apps for Young People:
• Mood Kit
• Chill Panda

What the school can do:
We run LIAM groups and one to one coaching to introduce young people to anxiety management strategies. Please contact your child’s Pupil Support Leader in the first instance.

Some useful websites and Resources:
• Breathing Exercises:

• Relaxation Exercises:

• Useful Resources for Parents: