Attention and Concentration

Support Available for Young People & Families

Difficulties with attention and concentration can affect your ability to:

  • work independently
  • stay on and complete tasks
  • listen and follow instructions
  • sit still and quietly when expected to

Class teachers use a range of strategies to engage and support all learners.

Please speak with SfL or pop in to F41 if you have any questions.

How to help at home to support more independent learning:

  • Involve your child in discussion about they how they can improve attention and concentration skills and support them to develop strategies.
  • Minimise potential distractions in the room where they are doing homework/studying as much as possible. Distractions might include noise, smells, pictures, posters …
  • Allow use of a fidget object, or doodling, or listening to music (earphones) if this helps focus.
  • Encourage your child to use prompts such as task lists, pictures representing ideas and visual timetables which can help with attention and concentration.
  • Encourage use of lists as above and marking off tasks when completed.
  • Encourage taking breaks to move.

Helpful Documents and Links

The documents below are for young people with a diagnosis of ADHD – however strategies may be helpful and relevant for any young person who needs support with attention and concentration.

The link below provides useful information re learning at home:

Learning at home | Parent Zone (