Universal Updates and Information

Key Documents and information for Pupils, Parents & Carers during the school closure.

Police Scotland – Online Advice

Online Safety _ Parents and Carers CEOP

Support for Families in the South West Locality

January Return to School information

P& C Letter 22nd December (website)

Forms link for completion by Key workers and parents and careers of vulnerable children –


Keyworker definition

Keyworker definition keyworker flowchart Jan 21

Support for Families in the South West Locality

Support for Families SW Winter 2020

Isolation Graphics

The documents below were shared with CEC by Edinburgh University. They will hopefully help us understand the need for isolation, dependant upon a negative or positive test result.

IsolationStandard (1)

IsolationNegativeResult (1)

CEC Letter 8th October 2020

AGray Letter to Parents_Carers_October

FACTS at School 1

FACTS at School 2

FACTS at School 3

FACTS at School 4

Images and Video of One Way system


One Way System Video Link

August Updates for Pupils Returning to School

P&C Letter 12th August 2020 Headed paper

P&C Letter 10th August 2020 Headed paper

Letter to Parents – phased reopening of schools

P&C letter 5th August 2020

Year Head letter 7

FAQs 5th August 2020

FAQs in Relation to Returning to School.

FAQs 26 June

CEC Letters

Important signs – ENGLISH

Important signs – CANTONESE

Important signs – ARABIC

Letter to parents (summary) 050820 ARABIC

Letter to parents (summary) 050820 – TURKISH

Letter to parents (summary) 050820 – SPANISH

Letter to parents (summary) 050820_ROMANIAN

Letter to parents (summary) 050820_MANDARIN

Letter to parents (summary) 050820 ENGLISH

Letter to parents (summary) 050820 POLISH

Letter to parents (summary) 050820 CANTONESE

Important signs – URDU

Important signs – TURKISH

Important signs – SPANISH

Important signs – ROMANIAN

Important signs – POLISH

Important signs – MANDARIN

Letter to Parents 290520 ENGLISH

Letter to Parents 290520 TURKISH

Letter to Parents 290520 SPANISH

Letter to Parents 290520 ROMANIAN

Letter to Parents 290520 POLISH

Letter to Parents 290520 Chinese TRAD

Letter to Parents 290520 Chinese SIMP (mainland China)

Letter to Parents 290520 ARABIC

P7 Handbook

P7 Handbook 2020 – 21

Pathways Senior Transition – letter for parents/carers and information for S4-S6 pupils

Letter for S4-S6 Parents Carers 250520

EL Pathways Senior Transition Information for Young People (002)

Free courses for all parents and carers to help understand children’s behaviour and develop nurturing supportive relationships

We’re delighted to let you know about free access to online courses that has just been made available to all parents and carers from the Scottish Government.

Access code TARTAN sign up at https://inourplace.heiapply.com/online-learning/ 

Solihull Online is a universal resource for parents and carers from the antenatal period to 19 years. It offers a series of modules containing interactive activities, quizzes and video clips. It  focusses on developing nurturing and supportive relationships between children and their carers. Its aim is to help parents understand their child’s behaviour in the context of their child’s development and the parent-child relationship. The following courses are available free for parents/carers in Scotland

  • Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
  • Understanding your baby
  • Understanding your child
  • Understanding your teenager’s brain

The resource is being brought to the public in partnership with NES and the Solihull approach is one that has been widely adopted by health professionals and children’s services practitioners here in Edinburgh for a number of years. Further information is available in the slide below:

2a-Scotland-Double Sided-Side 1-Interactive 

2b-Scotland-Double Sided-Side 2-Interactive_v3

For S5/6 planning to apply university next session. 

Please see attachment to help you explore which university would be best for you and which course is the most suitable.

HE C19 Update Guide

Support for Families SW May 2020

Please find above the updated version of listings to help support families in South West Edinburgh at this time. It includes:

  • Family Activities
  • Parent and carer – support groups and organisations
  • Young people
  • Additional support needs
  • Black and ethnic families
  • Financial assistance
  • Community food


ET Leaflet

Maximise! Support Memo Schools and Social Work – Covid-19

Maximise! What to Claim Coronavirus Factsheet March 20