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S1-S3 Art and Design

The aim of the S1-S3 course is to help the pupils refine and consolidate their skills in the disciplines of Expressive Art, Design and Critical analysis in preparation for the National Qualifications in the Senior Phase.

Development of these skills enables the pupils to approach creative challenges more easily, apply their knowledge of the Visual Arts and Design issues to practical and relevant contexts and gain confidence to undertake new and increasingly more challenging tasks in a variety of situations. The Art and Design staff have developed coherent and quality assured courses that are to be inspiring, challenging and fun! The pupils are encouraged to take risks and reflect upon their work. At the centre of our syllabus is the pupils’ journey and how we facilitate their individual progression through the levels of the Broad General Education.

Pupils will have opportunities to broaden their skills using a variety of media, materials and techniques. Pupils will also further develop their independent thinking, interpersonal skills, ability to work as part of a team, communication skills, creative and critical thinking. There are a number of opportunities for pupils to improve their academic drawing skills as well as realising their design aspirations in 2 and 3D.

S4 – S6 The Senior Phase

This is an exciting and fulfilling phase of the pupils’ learning and teaching. We seek candidates who are motivated and ambitious. The courses outlined below are designed to broaden the pupils’ understanding of the role of Art and Design in society and enlighten them to possible careers in this industry. There is a degree of commitment and personal involvement required should pupils wish to fulfil their potential.

National 4

In S4, pupils may follow the National 4 course. This course will build upon the skills learned during their Broad General Education before they progress to National 5 Art and Design in S5.

Pupils will complete THREE units and two value added projects in order to achieve National 4:

  • Design
  • Expressive
  • Critical Analysis

This course is internally verified by staff and there is no written exam. Pupils will  follow the syllabus content of the National 5 course.

National 5 and Higher

The course consists of three units of work which include two practical portfolios submitted to SQA –

  • Design Activity
  • Expressive Activity
  • Art and Design Studies and an external written exam

The National and Higher qualifications offer pupils the opportunity to study areas of Art and Design which are of interest to them. The pupils have a high level of personalisation and choice as this supports their career aspirations. To succeed; pupils must be committed, enthusiastic, adaptable to change and willing to take risks. The skills developed during these courses will support all employment opportunities in the world of work.

Design Activity

Working to a design brief, pupils will develop their skills when using a range of new and unfamiliar materials, media and techniques. To complete their Folio, pupils will produce detailed research stimuli, a range of development designs, models and samples and a final design solution. Pupils will work through a design process using problem solving skills and critical thinking to fulfil the requirements of the brief.

Expressive Activity

Pupils will select a genre of Expressive Art ( Fantasy and Imagination, Portraiture / Figure composition, still life, natural environment or built environment ) and produce research studies, development compositions and a final piece. They will develop their skills in a number of techniques in order to develop an individual style. To complete their Folio, pupils will research, investigate and create works from personal themes through drawing, painting, collage, photography, sculpture & printmaking.

Art & Design Studies

This is the critical analysis aspect of the course and involves the personal research, study and evaluation of both historical and contemporary art and design movements and works. Pupils will use the Visual Arts and Design issues to analyse and offer opinion of the work(s) successes and social and cultural impact.

There is a timed written exam which also includes responding to two ‘unseen’ images. We provide an in depth study support that supports all levels of literacy and advise pupils have a USB stick so they may access the materials provided by teachers when revising at home.

Advanced Higher Art and Design

This course caters for those that wish to go to Art College. Pupils will create a portfolio of work in an area of personal interest in a genre of their choosing. Pupils will work in their own studio space and will be encouraged to take ownership of their creative direction. Experimentation and play are the words that underpin the ethos of the units that the pupils are to pass. For the Folio, pupils will have selected a line of enquiry and are expected to create a fully developed idea to high standard solution. There is also Critical Study worth 30% of the overall grade and this will demand quality research and powers of analysis.