Computing Science

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S1 Course

In the first year Computing course students will be introduced to presenting and processing information. What is a computer and how do they work, how can we make a computer do what we want, how can we stay safe using a computer, and what is the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web?

S2 Course

In the second year Computing course students step further into how computers can be used to help solve problems in the world. How we can quickly search and sort data, communicate and collaborate with technology, and use our programming skills for more than just games.

S3 Course

Real 3-d Minecraft ModelIn the third year computing science course students investigate the people that have made computers what they are today, how out programming can impact the real world, how people interact with computer system and designing interfaces for their needs, and how can we make data easy to access and understand.

National 4/5 Computing Science

The Course provides an understanding of the technologies that underpin our modern, digital world and develops transferrable skills. It brings together elements of technology, science and creative digital media.

At this level, the Course will cover a common core of concepts which underpin the study of computing science, and explore the role and impact of contemporary computing technologies, providing an insight into the challenge, excitement and reward to be found in these areas.

SQA National 4 Computing Science

SQA National 5 Computing Science

Higher Computing Science

Computing science is vital to everyday life — socially, technologically and economically; it shapes the world in which we live and its future. Computing is embedded in the world around us from systems and devices in our homes and places of work, to how we access education, entertainment, transportation and communication.

At this level, learners will be introduced to an advanced range of computational processes and thinking, and learn to apply a rigorous approach to the design and development process across a variety of contemporary contexts. Learners will also gain an awareness of the importance that computing professionals play in meeting the needs of society today and for the future, in fields which include science, education, business and industry.

SQA Higher Computing Science

Advanced Higher Computing Science

The Course focuses on exploring advanced concepts, ideas and processes which inform the study of computing science and provide insight into the challenge, excitement and reward to be found in these areas. Learners will have the opportunity to integrate and apply existing skills and knowledge gained across their learning experiences, from numeracy and literacy in programming and project development, to understanding of social sciences in assessing environmental, social and economic issues, to using creative problem-solving strategies to address complex problems and develop real solutions. The Course provides opportunities for learners to engage in a broad range of activities and learning that draws on their own experience and personal interests in a proactive and progressive way.

SQA Advanced Higher Computing Science