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Higher Photography

This course consists of two preparatory units, followed by a final project and offers pupils the opportunity to develop a sound understand of camera techniques, creative processes and the working methods of practicing photographers.

Unit 1 – Image Making

Within this unit, pupils explore existing work by inspirational photographers taking time to evaluate and analyse their social, cultural, historical and scientific significance and offer justified personal opinions on the work. Pupils also learn about traditional photographic processes and properties (such as aperture, shutter speed, exposure, iso, composition and lighting) with a view to producing an experimental mini-portfolio demonstrating their developing talents.

Unit 2 – Contextual Imagery

Within this unit, pupils look more closely at significant styles of photography and learn to apply these to a given theme of ‘My World’. Pupils will study at least two specific genres and styles of photography, further enhancing their understanding of the subject as a whole. Within this project, pupils will develop photo-editing and digital enhancement skills.

Final Project

The final project consists of 12 professional-quality photographs complete with all relevant planning, evaluation, research and editing work. Through selecting a personally challenging, relevant theme, the pupils will work to combine all the techniques and processes developed in the units to produce work of the very highest standard. Within the final project, pupils must display that they are able to produce, process and display photographs at a professional standard.