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S1-S3 English


The aim of the S1-S3 course is to help you refine and consolidate your skills in reading, writing, talking and listening in preparation for the National Qualifications in the Senior Phase.

Development of these literacy skills enables you to process information more easily, apply your knowledge of language to practical and relevant contexts, and gain confidence to undertake new and increasingly more challenging tasks in a variety of situations.

Course Highlights


You will have opportunities to increase your enjoyment and appreciation of texts – ranging from novels, short stories and poems to Shakespeare plays in S3. You will also further develop your independent thinking, interpersonal skills, ability to work as part of a team, communication skills, creative thinking and critical thinking. In S1 and S2 you will write your own novel over the course of the year.

National 4 English


In S4 you may follow the National 4 course. Many pupils use this course to further develop their skills before progressing to National 5 English in S5.

You will complete FOUR units in order to achieve National 4:

  • Creation and Production
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Literacy 4
  • Added Value Unit

Course Highlights

Popular units in this course include pupils writing an essay on the practice of entamophagy (eating insects!) and much more!


National 5 English

The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for you to develop your skills of communicating and understanding and to acquire and enjoy experience in language.

You will develop skills which allow you to interpret increasingly complex literary forms and to produce increasingly sophisticated written communications in styles or formats which are appropriate to particular contexts.

You will reflect on ideas, relationships, feelings, points of view and motivations, and on how language has been used to convey these; you will also be engaged in producing language to clarify and convey these on a personal level.


The course comprises two units:

  1. Analysis & Evaluation

    This unit focuses on close reading and listening skills. You will learn about and practise the skills of close reading and critical listening. This will include the opportunity to read current quality newspaper articles and listen to documentaries.

  2. Creation & Production

    This unit focuses on talking and writing skills. You will learn to write in different contexts for an externally assessed writing folio. You will develop your speaking abilities through class and group discussion and individual talk.

    National 5 English

Higher English

This level of study will provide you with the opportunity to build on the skills of communicating and understanding which you developed at National 5 level.

The course follows the same structure as the National 5 course but with more challenging texts and tasks.

Course Highlights

  1. Analysis & Evaluation

    This unit focuses on close reading and listening skills. You will increase your ability to understand and analyse more complex close reading and listening texts.

  2. Creation & Production

    This unit focuses on talking and writing skills. You will practise writing in different genres and will produce a writing folio which is externally assessed. You will engage in class and group discussions and in individual talk and group presentations.

Higher Communication


This core skills unit seeks to develop the ability to respond to and produce written and oral communication, dealing with topics and vocabulary that the pupil may reasonably be expected to encounter in the world of work. Pupils will develop the skills required for:

  • reading accessible texts
  • reading and researching topics and texts
  • informational writing
  • writing notes, planning and evaluating
  • individual talk, discussion and listening

Pupils will also have the opportunity to achieve National 4/5 Literacy.

treeAdvanced Higher English

Advanced Higher English fosters an in-depth appreciation of complex and sophisticated language, and of a wide range of literature and texts in different genres. This enables learners to access their own cultural heritage and history, as well as the culture and history of others.

Some of the skills which you will develop at Advanced Higher include: applying critical, analytical and evaluative skills across a wide range of complex literary texts; applying literary research and investigative skills; extending and applying sophisticated writing skills.

Course Highlights

There are two units at Advanced Higher:

  1. Analysis and Evaluation of Literary Texts, including Literary Study and Textual Analysis
  2. Creation and Production, including a Writing Portfolio and a Dissertation