Health Food & Textiles

Health & Food Technologies

S1 pupils are introduced to practical cooking skills while focussing on safety, hygiene and healthy eating. Pupils will also take part in a textiles project to introduce them to basic textile skills.

S2 Pupils continue to build on their practical cooking skills with more complex dishes. They will also look at Scottish Dietary Guidelines, nutrition, dietary related conditions, consumer choice, packaging and food product development.

S3 pupils will focus on skills to set them up for courses studied in S4 and beyond. They will comprise a food product development unit, hospitality cooking techniques and processes and textile construction projects.

S4 pupils can choose to study Health and Food Technology at National 3,4 or 5 which is comprised of three units. Food for Health, Contemporary Food Issues and Food Product Development. There is also an Added Value Unit or assignment to complete depending on level chosen.

S5/S6 pupils can study Hospitality: Practical cookery National 4 or 5. This is comprised of three units: Cookery processes and techniques, Understanding and using ingredients and Organisational Skills for cookery. This is a very practical course and can set pupils up for either a career in the industry or as a useful life skill for heading off to university!