Physical Education

Physical Education

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S1 – S3 BGE

Pupils participate in a range of activities which usually include the following: outdoor games (football, hockey and rugby), indoor games (badminton and basketball), dance, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and bat & ball games (cricket, softball and rounders). The focus in the BGE is to develop pupils appreciation of and capabilities in the 4 Significant Aspects of Learning: Cognitive Skills, Physical Competencies, Physical Fitness and Personal Qualities.

Senior Phase

Pupils in S4 all have the opportunity to complete the National 4 Physical Education course in addition to their usual Core PE content. The National 4 course is made up of two internally assessed units: Factors Impacting on Performance in which pupils investigate how they can improve their own performance and an Added Value Unit in which pupils plan, prepare for, participate in and run a sporting competition or event.
All pupils in S5 participate in Core PE. Pupils are encouraged to help shape their experience through choosing the activities they take part in.
Pupils in S6 can opt into an S6 PE class which focusses on participation and enjoyment. There are lots of opportunities for pupils to choose the activities they do.

National 5 PE (S4, S5 and S6)

This course allows some personalisation and choice for all pupils to choose which activities they will participate and be assessed in. Individual strengths will be promoted whilst weaknesses are developed. Pupils will experience a variety of teaching methods and learning environments. The aim of this course is to develop practical performance as well as refining fitness levels, skill and use of tactics and choreography.
The course consists of two units: Performance Skills which makes up 60% of the overall mark and Factors Impacting on Performance which makes up the other 40%.

Higher PE (S5 and S6)

Physical Education: Performance Skills (Higher). This is assessed internally and comprises 60% of the overall award.
In this Unit, learners will develop a broad and comprehensive range of complex movement and performance skills through a range of physical activities. They will select, demonstrate, apply and adapt these skills, and will use them to make informed decisions. They will also develop their knowledge and understanding of how these skills combine to produce effective outcomes. Learners will develop consistency, precision, control and fluency of movement. They will also learn how to respond to and meet the demands of performance in a safe and effective way. The Unit offers opportunities for personalisation and choice through the selection of physical activities used for learning and teaching.

Physical Education: Factors Impacting on Performance (Higher). This is assessed externally through a 1 and a half hour written exam and makes up 40% of the overall award.

In this Unit, learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of mental, emotional, social and physical factors that impact on personal performance in physical activities. Learners will consider how these factors can influence effectiveness in performance. They will develop knowledge and understanding of a range of approaches for enhancing performance and will select and apply these to factors that impact on their personal performance. They will create personal development plans, modify these and justify decisions relating to future personal development needs.

Advanced Higher PEPE word cloud.png

The main purpose of the course is to research and analyse factors which underpin and impact on performance, and use this knowledge to develop pupil’s own performance. To do this effectively, learners will engage in research and undertake independent investigative work, and develop skills of analysis, evaluation, and communication.  Pupils will have the opportunity to enhance their learning through lectures and seminars delivered by Napier University, Stirling University & the University of Edinburgh.