Religious, Moral & Philosophical Eductation

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Pupils cover a number of religious, moral and philosophical topics including Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, the afterlife, personal identity and many more. During class there are a number of opportunities to be involved in personal investigations, class debates, group projects and philosophical discussion.


During core RMPS we will explore some of the key issues and ideas that are being raised in the 21st Century. This will include looking at the euthanasia debate, slavery, Scientology, the existence of God and war and peace. The course in S4-S5 is geared towards helping provide a foundation upon which to proceed to study RMPS at Higher or National 4/5 level.

Higher / National 5 RMPS

As part of the certificated course pupils will study a philosophical question, an issue of morality and a world religion. Currently, the focus has been on examining the question of beginnings, crime and punishment and Christianity. RMPS allows the pupil to explore the different questions about life and to understand the different answers given by thinkers and theologians.