S1 & S2 Science

S1 & S2 Science includes comprehensive coverage of Third Level Sciences experiences and outcomes in biological, chemical, physical and environmental contexts. The course structure provides a range of different contexts for learning which draw on important aspects of everyday life and work.

In S1 students will study:

  • Biology – Health & Technology and Biodiversity.
  • Chemistry – Periodic Table and Chemical Reactions.
  • Physics – Exploring Space and Energy Matters.

In S2 students will study:

  • Biology – Microbes and Cracking the Code.
  • Chemistry – Environmental Chemistry and Real-Life Chemistry.
  • Physics – Electricity and Light.
Students will study 6 Science topics in each year as shown in detail in the Balerno Science home learning websites (links above). These contain learning outcomes, summary notes, homework and key information for students and parents.

Student will develop inquiry and investigative skills including planning and designing scientific investigations. They will carry out practical activities within a variety of learning environments and be able to analyse, interpret and evaluates scientific findings.

  • develop curiosity and understanding of the environment and my place in the living, material and physical world.
  • demonstrate a secure knowledge and understanding of the big ideas and concepts of the sciences.
  • develop skills for learning, life and work.
  • develop the skills of scientific inquiry and investigation using practical techniques.                                               
  • develop skills in the accurate use of scientific language, formulae and equations.                                                 
  • apply safety measures and take necessary actions to control risk and hazards.                                                       
  • recognise the impact the sciences make on my life, the lives of others, the environment and on society.
  • recognise the role of creativity and inventiveness in the development of the sciences.                                                        
  • develop an understanding of the Earth’s resources and the need for responsible use of them.
  • express opinions and make decisions on social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental issues based upon sound understanding.
  • develop as a scientifically-literate citizen with a lifelong interest in the sciences.
  • establish the foundation for more advanced learning and future careers in the sciences and the technologies.
S3 Science

This course has been designed to introduce pupils to the skills required for certificated Science whilst ensuring a solid knowledge base to allow them the choice to progress to an appropriate course in the Senior Phase.

Prior to the summer break students will embark on a short course designed to develop critical and creative thinking processes. Students will then work through 3 core units in each of the discrete science disciplines. Embedded within each of the core units will be opportunities to develop skills for learning, life and work and build on creativity skills through Interdisciplinary Learning and Topical Science.

The combined attainment data gathered in all three core units in S3, combined with professional judgement will provide evidence for which level is best suited for students moving into S4 National certificate courses.