Social Studies

Geography      History      Modern Studies

The Broad General Education

In studying the S1/2/3 course learners will:

  • develop their understanding of the history, heritage and culture of Scotland, and an appreciation of their local and national heritage within the world
  • broaden their understanding of the world by learning about human activities and achievements in the past and present
  • develop their understanding of their own values, beliefs and cultures and those of others
  • develop an understanding of the principles of democracy and citizenship
    explore and evaluate different types of sources and evidence
  • learn how to locate, explore and link periods, people and events in time and place
  • learn how to locate, explore and link features and places locally and further afield
    engage in activities which encourage enterprising attitudes

Skills developed include:

  • using a variety of maps
  • understanding sequence and chronology
  • investigating (preparing for tasks, carrying out tasks, evaluating tasks)
  • observing, describing and recording information
  • comparing, contrasting and making conclusions
  • presentation: oral, written, multimedia
  • Thinking Skills: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, creating, evaluating
  • Literacy Skills: reading, writing, listening, talking
  • Numeracy Skills: counting, estimating, graphs, money, fractions
  • Health and Wellbeing: awareness of self and others

Activities pupils will take part in include:

  • Role Play
  • Co-operative group work
  • Individual tasks
  • Paired tasks
  • Extended writing tasks e.g. newspaper, diary
  • Creative tasks
  • Use of I.C.T resources
  • Discussion and question and answer sessions
  • Mini whiteboard activities
  • Active learning techniques (games, card sorts, challenges, mysteries, living graphs, using photographs)


At least one assessment opportunity is included in each unit area, allowing learners to demonstrate their knowledge and skills for example, self-assessment, peer-assessment and formal assessment tasks.
Learners will be involved in reflecting on their performance and setting personal targets. They will also receive detailed feedback on their strengths in learning and their next steps. This will be documented in their individual profile and their PLP.


S1 Course Content
History and Modern Studies Geography
Co-operation and Conflict * Introduction to map and atlas skills
Life in the Nuclear Age * Tropical Rainforests


S2 Course Content
History Modern Studies Geography
*Great Scot! *Mock Election *Earth Forces
*Life in a Scottish Burgh *Democracy vs Dictatorship *Hot Deserts
*Did the 60’s really swing? *China * Wild Weather


S3 Course Content
History Modern Studies Geography
*Revolution! *Scotland’s place in the world * Climate Change
*Mary, Queen of Scots *American Gun Crime *Bangladesh Case Study
*Project *Crime research project * UK Case Study
*Urban Field work