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COURSE CONTENT–What will I learn?

There are three units in National 4 and 5:

  • Unit I – Global Geography: Impacts of Human Environments & Environmental Hazards
  • Unit 2 – Human Geography: Population, Urban and Farming
  • Unit 3 – Physical Geography: Weather, Limestone, and Rivers

In the Geography department we use a variety of teaching methods. You will be working as an individual most of the time, but often in pairs, groups or as a whole class. You will certainly be doing a lot of reading and writing, but you will also do presentations, posters, debates and investigations. Your teachers will make your learning as active and fun as possible. In Geography you will learn more by exploring the great outdoors, we will make your learning as active as possible, using the great outdoors as a tool to help each of you learn and understand. Geography also teaches you many skills that you will use at university and in later life, such as map skills, research skills, learning to write up field work and projects and how to evaluate sources.

Course Outline

During this one year course pupils will study 3 compulsory units:

  • Physical Units– including Glaciation, Coasts. Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and the Biosphere
  • Human Units – Including Population geography, Rural geography, Industrial geography and Urban geography
  • Global Units – Including Climate Change and Development and Health
  • Application skills – Including Map skills and Urban fieldwork for assignment