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COURSE CONTENT–What will I learn?

National 4 and National 5

There are three units (topics) for National 4 and 5:

  • Unit I – Scottish: The Era of the Great War 1910-1928
  • Unit II – British: The Slave Trade
  • Unit III – European and World: Hitler and Nazi Germany 1919-1939

In the History department we use a variety of teaching methods. You will be working as an individual much of the time, but often, also, in pairs, groups or as a whole class. You will certainly be doing a lot of reading and writing, but you will also create presentations and posters and take part in debates and investigations. Your teachers will make your learning as active and fun as possible. History is fascinating, eye-opening, jaw-dropping and something that we hope you will love for the rest of your life. While factual knowledge is obviously important, History also teaches you many skills that you will use at college, university and life in general, such as critical thinking, evaluating, essay writing, debating and arguing.

Higher: History

Course Outline

The period studied is Later Modern History and the units are:

  • Historical Study: British – Britain, 1850s – 1979
  • Historical Study: European and World – Large Scale State :- USA
  • Historical Study: Scottish – Migration and Empire1830-1939

Advanced Higher

Course Outline

The course is based on the following topic: Britain: At War and Peace, 1938-1951