Modern Studies

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Modern Studies

COURSE CONTENT: What will I learn?

There are three units in National 4 and 5:

  • Unit I – Crime and the Law
  • Unit II – Development in Africa
  • Unit III – Democracy in Scotland


In the Modern Studies Department we use a variety of teaching methods. You will be working as an individual most of the time, but often in pairs, groups or as a whole class. You will certainly be doing a lot of reading and writing, but you will also do presentations, posters, debates and investigations. Your teachers will make your learning as active and fun as possible. As Modern Studies is about the world in which we live we will be inviting many different speakers into School to speak to you about a range of local, national and international issues. We will also try to visit the Scottish Parliament to see democracy in action! You will also develop a number of research skills to investigate issues for yourself and a range of presentation skills in illustrating your findings. Modern Studies also teaches you many skills that you will use at University and in later life.