Personal Support Period

Personal Support Period

In line with the Supporting Learners Document 2010:

“All children and young people should have frequent and regular opportunities to discuss their learning with an adult who knows them well (and can act as a mentor,) helping them to set appropriate goals for the next stages in learning.”

At Balerno High School we achieve this through Personal Support Period. Personal Support period aims to:

  1. Ensure that all young people are known well in their learning by at least one member of staff
  2. Provide regular opportunities for pupils to review their progress and plan their next steps
  3. Track progress and celebrate wider achievement
  4. Raise attainment for all “by maintaining the pace of progress and encouraging ambition through personal learning planning,” the use of SMART targets and regular coaching conversations focussed on learning and development
  5. Ensure timely and appropriate intervention through the school’s referral system when concerns around learning exist

Personal Support period will bring together targets set across subjects and skill areas and will enable pupils to take ownership of their learning by reviewing their progress and planning ahead. The lesson will also provide opportunities to develop skills required for learning, life and work. Your child will have access to their own personal journal in which they record targets, steps to achieve them and progress made. They will have regular, informal conversations about this with their tutor and at least one formal coaching conversation each year. The journals can be found here:

BGE journal

Senior Phase journal

Your child will be encouraged to bring their journal home and share their targets with you at various points throughout the year. You are also welcome to ask them to do this at any time – we would value your support.

The class is taught by a range of teachers across the school who have been trained in holding coaching conversations with pupils.