Drama S1-3

Drama is about relationships; understanding how we relate to others and them to us; making up the central building blocks to create effective and confident communicators. Drama not only equips you with a core skill that will enhance your employment opportunities; it gives you an insight into the human condition and an understanding of what motivates people generally.

The broad aim of the S1-3 course is to develop a variety of skills that will allow a greater ability to express and communicate ideas and feelings competently.

Course Highlights

1. “How to use Sound and Lighting to Create Atmosphere on Stage”

Where pupils get to experiment with the technical side of the theatre.

2. “Script Work”

Pupils experience how to bring meaning to the written word and also create their own scripts which they then perform.

3. “Shakespeare Uncovered”

We celebrate Shakespeare’s language through performance and examine the themes through reinterpretation!

“Devising and Directing”

4. Throughout the BGE course pupils create innovative new drama, they perform it and also learn to direct their peers to showcase this work.