Higher Drama

  • The purpose of Higher Drama is to provide opportunities for you, through the investigation of relationships, issues and topics, to gain knowledge and understanding of aspects of theatre, including textual analysis and contemporary theatre; to develop acting, directing and design skills and to contribute to a presentation; to experience theatrical performance.

Course Highlights

This course consists of two mandatory units which are internally assessed and externally verified. Both are marked on a pass/fail basis:

  1. Drama Skills

You will, in a group, use creative drama skills to investigate and explore a theme, topic or issue.  You will devise your own drama using a range of stimuli, including a text, taking individual directorial responsibility for an identifiable section and will also perform in the end-product to an audience.

  1. Drama Production Skills

You will investigate a text in its historical, social and theatrical context in order to explore how the text could be communicated through performance from the perspective of an actor and also from a design role (costume, lighting, sound, makeup, set).