Dyslexia, Literacy and Numeracy Difficulties

Support Available for Young People & Families

Dyslexia, literacy and numeracy difficulties can affect your ability to read and spell but can also be associated with other difficulties such as numeracy, comprehension, organisation and self – esteem.

At Balerno, we can support learners with a range of strategies in classes, for example:

  • Dyslexia friendly text/worksheets
  • extra time to read, process and respond
  • reduce the amount of writing eg mind mapping
  • consideration for SQA Assessment Arrangements
  • use of ICT

Please speak with SfL or pop in to F41 if you have any questions.

We also offer SRA reading intervention, SEAL numeracy intervention, Paired Reading, Reading for Enjoyment and Literacy Strategies programmes to small groups of identified pupils.

How to help at home to support more independent learning:

  • Encourage alternatives to writing lots of text, eg drawing, mind maps, bullet pointed lists
  • Encourage the use of ICT with screen readers and spellchecker
  • If this has been recommended, ensure use of coloured paper or overlays
  • If your teenager allows – share reading activities to improve fluency and confidence when reading aloud
  • Provide access to audio books
  • Support self-esteem – young people with dyslexia or literacy difficulties have strengths too!

Helpful Documents and Links

Dyslexia Scotland |    has a lot of useful information and links, including those below:

iPad-Apps-for-Learners-with-Dyslexia.pdf (callscotland.org.uk)

The link below provides useful information re learning at home:

Learning at home | Parent Zone (education.gov.scot)