Eating Disorders and Body Image

Support Available for Young People & Families

Eating disorders are a serious mental illness which can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. They are often seen as ‘secret illnesses’ and so it is important to spot signs quickly and get support for your child. People with eating disorders use disordered eating behaviours to cope with difficult feelings or situations. It can include limiting the amount of food eaten or getting rid of food eaten through unhealthy means such as vomiting. It can be a combination of these behaviours. Eating disorders are not all about the food but also the feelings – they may use food as a means to cope or feel in control of a difficult situation or feeling. They themselves may not be able to recognise this and so it is important professional help is sought.

Negative body image does not necessarily mean your young person has an eating disorder but may be an indicator of feelings of low mood or self-worth. It also increases the risk of engaging in unhealthy lifestyle behaviours such as dieting or restricting food intake. Unhealthy dieting is a strong risk factor for developing an eating disorder.

If you are concerned about Body Image or an eating disorder it is important you seek medical assistance through your family GP.

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