Financial Aid

Financial Advice for Families

More than ever, families are finding it hard to cope financially, and at times when there are so many pulls on our finances. If you feel you require assistance with your finances, you can gain support and advice from CHAI.

What They Do:
They will work with you to ensure you are aware of all available entitlements to you. They will also help you ensure you meet the criteria and take you through the application process for your entitlements.

How to Contact:
Call – 0131 442 1009

Support Available:
For advice and how to apply for supports available, please see the following Financial Support Leaflet and visit the following sites:

Free school meals and school clothing grants

Education Maintenance Award

We also have a small amount of funding at our disposal to ensure pupil equity within the school setting and help reduce the cost of the school day. We have preloved blazers, free pens and pencils and sanitary products to distribute free of charge and can apply for funding for school uniform and excursions, etc., depending on circumstances. Please contact your child’s Pupil Support Leader to discuss further.