Media – Higher

The aims of this course are to develop:

  • an understanding of the main critical tools used in the analysis of media texts
  • an understanding of media content and contexts and the relationship between these elements
  • research, planning and organisational skills in response to a brief
  • a knowledge of the detailed technical terms related to the chosen medium
  • technological and non-technological skills appropriate to a chosen medium
  • the ability to work individually and as part of a team, and to express constructive self-criticism


  1. Media Analysis

In this unit you will develop skills in analysing, in depth, a range of media texts and in describing in detail their relationship to social, institutional and audience contexts. It will involve discussion of the specific examples of media products which most influence pupils’ lives e.g. television, film, print, radio, advertising. Ultimately, you will learn to identify and understand how media content and contexts create meaning.

  1. Media Creation

The main focus of the unit will be on working in groups, contributing to media productions in a single medium. The content of the production will be targeted at specific audiences and the process will comprise: planning and developing ideas in relation to a brief, making the product, reviewing and evaluating the process and final production. Although the unit is essentially a group activity, you will have an identifiable individual contribution to each group production. You will be involved in a range of tasks taking on both technological and non-technological roles.

  1. Media Assignment

The assignment will require you to independently plan and create media content in response to a brief. Like National 5, it will have two sections. In section 1, you will research and plan media content in response to a brief set by the class teacher; in section 2, you will develop your ideas to a level of finish specified in the brief, and reflect on your work. The purpose of the assignment is to assess your ability to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired throughout the Course in a production of media content.