English – National 5

Course Highlights

The course comprises two units:

  1. Analysis & Evaluation

This unit focuses on close reading and listening skills. You will learn about and practise the skills of close reading and critical listening. This will include the opportunity to read current quality newspaper articles and listen to documentaries.

  1. Creation & Production

This unit focuses on talking and writing skills. You will learn to write in different contexts for an externally assessed writing folio. You will develop your speaking abilities through class and group discussion and individual talk.

  • The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for you to develop your skills of communicating and understanding and to acquire and enjoy experience in language.
  • You will develop skills which allow you to interpret increasingly complex literary forms and to produce increasingly sophisticated written communications in styles or formats which are appropriate to particular contexts.

You will reflect on ideas, relationships, feelings, points of view and motivations, and on how language has been used to convey these; you will also be engaged in producing language to clarify and convey these on a personal level.

National 5 English