P7-S1 Transition

Through the strengthening of ties between Deanpark Primary School and Balerno Community High School. The P7-S1 transition is set to improve vastly through improvements in the quality of learning, widening achievement and raising attainment. We hope to acheive this through a phased transition.

It is proposed that a two year pilot is undertaken during which the P7 pupils of the Primary School will spend some of the final six months of the academic year in Balerno High school benefitting from specialist teaching.
The first P7 pupils would be in the High School from January 2015.
Many parents have aasked exactly what additional resources will be made available. Now that the High School timetable has been finalised, however please note:
  • Children will get approximately 8 hours a week of specialist teaching time. The specialist
    teachers will be in the classroom with (not instead of) the Primary school teachers. They will
    be team teaching together.
  • Bringing the teachers to the Prima
    ry School would not be practical. Travel time would
    significantly reduce contact time and Dean Park does not have the specialist teaching
    accommodation which will enhance the educational experience. Ratho and Kirknewton P7
    pupils will be attending Balerno
    High School one day a week.

The benefits to students include:

  • Increased teacher-pupil contact through team teaching (Greater depth in learning through
    accessing specialist teachers and specialist accommodation Greater confidence through
    having new experiences supported by senior pupils, their primary teacher and secondary
    specialist teachers. Improved coherence and progression in learning and more seamless
    pastoral care at
    the point of transition into S1.


More information can be found here