Parent Council

Welcome to Balerno High School Parent Council

This is where you can find out about our work on behalf of parents and carers of Balerno High School students and keep in touch with issues and developments affecting your child(ren) in secondary education.

The Parent Council has had its own website in the past. However, redevelopment of the school site has presented the opportunity to bring the two organisations together into one place. We hope that you will find this new arrangement convenient.

We will use this site to keep you up-to-date on current events and to hold background and reference information relating to the Parent Council. The following links will take you to other Parent Council pages.

In addition, the Parent Council uses both Facebook and Twitter to link with parents and carers. You will find our Facebook and Twitter pages here.




If you want to get in touch with the Parent Council you can do that through Facebook or Twitter, or you can e-mail us at