PTA Constitution

Balerno High School PTA Constitution

1 Title
The association shall be known as Balerno High School PTA.
2 Aims
The aims of the association are to advance the education and well being of the
pupils of the school by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for education
at the school. This includes:-
a) promoting close co-operation and communication between parents and
b) studying and discussing matters of mutual interest relating to the education
and welfare of pupils
c) engaging in activities which support and advance the education of the pupils
attending the school, including fund raising and after school activities
d) considering applications for funds put to the PTA from parents, teachers and
groups within the school and granting funds to support such applications where the
request is passed by a majority of the general committee.
3 Membership
The members of the association shall comprise all parents or guardians of children
attending the school and all teachers employed at the school.
4 Powers of the association
The association shall have the power to do anything considered by the general
committee to be in furtherance of the aims. This includes the power to:
a) raise funds and invite and receive contributions in furtherance of the aims of
the association
b) purchase, retain and sell any assets of any description
c) pay from the funds of the association all the proper costs and expenses
incurred by the general committee in establishing and administering the charity and
funds of the association
d) reimburse themselves out of the funds of the association created in the
performance or exercise of their duties and powers
e) employ and pay proper and reasonable remuneration to staff, professional
and technical advisers whose services are, in the opinion of the general committee,
required for the carrying out of the purposes of the association
f) establish and operate both current accounts and deposit accounts with
bankers in the name of the association provided that cheques drawn on such
accounts shall not be signed by less than two members of the general committee
5 Office bearers
The office bearers of the association shall consist of:
1 Chairperson
2 Vice chairperson
3 Secretary
4 Treasurer
5 Minute secretary
The general committee of the association may appoint such other office bearers as
may from time to time be deemed necessary. The office bearers will be elected by the committee at the first meeting after the AGM. Office bearers will hold office for one year, being eligible for re-election. Where an office bearer’s position becomes vacant during the normal term of office the committee may, at their discretion, opt to fill this post in one of the following ways:
(i) the deputy for the post or an agreed member of the committee may stand
in for the duration
(ii) the committee may elect a replacement from its membership, or
(iii) an EGM may be called to elect a new member to the post.
The minute secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all
meetings and distributing these to the committee members. Copies should be made
available to any member of the association who requests them.
6 General committee
The business of the association shall be managed by a committee of no more than
25 members, consisting of at least 5 parents and 1 teacher.
Members of the committee shall be appointed at the AGM. They shall be elected for
a period of 3 years or until the AGM immediately following three year’s service
should they join mid-term.
In the event of any vacancies, the committee shall have the right to co-opt as many
members as necessary to complete the complement until the following AGM.
Where a member of the committee fails to attend regular meetings and does not play
an active role in any of the activities of the Association, the General Committee
reserves the right to ask the member to step down.
Meetings of the general committee shall be held as required during term time. At all
meetings of the committee a third of general committee members, at least two of
whom are office bearers, shall form a quorum.
Each member of the committee shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed
by a simple majority vote of those present. The chairman shall have the deciding
vote which shall be used only in the event of a tie.
A representative from the PTA general committee will attend parent council
7 Annual general meetings
The AGM shall be held in October each year. The notice calling the meeting
shall be sent to members at least 21 days in advance provided that non-receipt of
such notice by any member shall not invalidate the meeting.
The business shall include:-
a) the work of the Committee
b) approval of the Accounts for the preceding year
c) appointment of an independent examiner of the accounts if requried
d) receipt of reports of the office bearers
e) election of members to serve on the committee
f) discussion of motions received
At all AGMs voting shall be on the basis of one vote per member present at the
At all AGMs the quorum shall consist of no less than 5 members of the association.
The general committee or a minimum of 25 members, on submission of a formal
written request, shall have the power a call an EGM
Any member of the association shall have the right to raise a motion to be voted on
at the AGM by sending the motion in writing to the secretary by no later than 10 days
prior to the AGM.
8 Finance
Funds of the association shall be lodged in a bank, building society or other account
in the name of Balerno High School PTA. Cheques shall be drawn or withdrawals
made against the signatures of two named committee members.
The treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial
transactions of the association.
The association’s financial year shall end on the last day of July in each year. If the
income level achieved makes review by an independent examiner mandatory the
accounts shall be reviewed annually by an independent examiner appointed at the
previous AGM by the members.
The committee shall be responsible for ensuring that all property/money received
by/for the association shall be applied for the aims of the association.
9 Alterations to the constitution
Changes or additions must be made at an AGM or an EGM called for the purpose.
The proposed change shall be specified in the notice calling the meeting and be
approved by not less than two thirds of those present.
10 Dissolution
If it becomes necessary to dissolve the association, by reason of it being impossible
to achieve the objectives for which the association is set up, this decision must be
made by no less than 3 members of the association voting in person plus the
chairman of the association. Any remaining funds will be passed to the education
authority to be used for the benefit of the school where this continues.