This is a section for pupils to get information about the latest student news. This can include up to date facts about current events in the school and also what pupils have achieved throughout the year.

You can also get information about any additional support needed for anything that will prohibit you from learning. We have specialised teachers and resources in order to help progress the learning of students who may have difficulty otherwise. The education authority has many legal duties towards pupils with additional support needs.

There is a section for helping primary seven movers to transtion into high school. This can include advice from older students as well as frequently asked questions that will be of use when moving up from primary education.

You will be able to find pages dedicated to the different stages of learning across the large variety of subjects that balerno provides. This can include information on the first years of the subject to useful infomation for advanced highers.

For further information about each of the individual areas, follow these links: